ArtsEd Reunion Events is put together by the ArtsEd London MTC 86-89 Facebook team, David Wilder (Wood) and Kevin Wooding. We aim to create a lively blog of events and gigs, so all you ArtsEd MT alumnites know where to look things up when you fancy a night out.

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  1. hello guys what a great idea. Not sure if this is of interest
    But I’m doing a monthly Shakespeare workshop at the actors centre
    Starting this Wednesday eve. It’s a club where each month we look
    At a play and mess about with it. It’s a don’t do your Shakespeare
    Shakespeare workshop. It’s with an actor friend and a first “don’t
    Be so dramatic” podcast workshop. Details are on dontbesodramatic.com
    This month we look at Macbeth….

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  2. People will have to come a heck of a long way to see anything I do, lol. Love having this to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Great job Kevin and David.


  3. Absolutely we want to know what you are doing Will, even if few can venture to the stage door, we’re there in spirit! And who knows, someone might just turn up to surprise you, but they can’t if they don’t know where and when to go!! So, let’s hear it then. 🙂


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